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Referrals, Partnerships and Your Networks are the cheapest, most effective, fastest and easiest way to grow a business. BUT unfortunately for most businesses, it is like throwing mud at the wall and hoping that it sticks.

With no plan, no system and no strategy, it is just pure luck if you get warm qualified leads or not.

For most business owners they believe that getting warm leads and referrals is all about:

  • Asking their current clients 'who do they know'.
  • Providing great services and sitting and waiting.
  • Teaming up with 1 or 2 other professionals that have your clients.
  • Paying people to pass you new business.

And while they are all valid and I'm sure could work, I'm here to tell you it is also why you currently can't grow your business.

Just like with any form of marketing, there is a clear plan, a clear strategy and clear actions to implement that will ensure you can generate as many warm, qualified, free leads into your business each and every week and turn them into new clients.

It is a matter of knowing what to do and that is where we come in!

There’s a reason the world’s best service professionals businesses call Michael “The Referral Guru” – as he is one of the most influential and represented trainers working anywhere in the world today within the referral marketing and client growth space.

Since 2013 we have been implementing our unique "9 Accelerators" as part of The Million Dollar Referral System into businesses all over the globe, helping them to generate 100 clients in 12 months without spending a cent on paid ads.

The 100 In 12 Plan...

We have systematise getting clients for any service provider into a fine art. We focus on the 3 key elements that will ensure that you get the result you are looking for... GROWTH!

Here Is What We Do:

The first thing we do is build a system to ATTRACT warm, qualified leads into our CRM. Through building referral sources, leveraging through partnerships and creating opportunities with our networks. 32 different tactics that allow us to build a steady stream of warm leads into our pipeline.

The second thing we do is activate our EDUCATION process. If someone doesn't realise how you can help them, the expertise you have or the solutions you offer than they can't buy from you. The good news, there is a lot of money sitting on the table when you decide to engage with your prospects and you use the 22 tactics we have to warm them up fast.

The final element is creating your ASK process. Leveraging the audience you have created, the trust you have built, the value you have added and showing your prospects a path forward to get help. The fastest way to fill your calendar with sales calls is through the 13 tactics we show you on how to ask, without being a douche bag and salesy. You will have more clients than ever before.

We Know How To Get You More Clients...

What Are You Looking To Do...

The RMG Secret Society

If you are looking for opportunities to cross promote your business, build some referral partners and create some new exposure then this is the home for you. Plus get some great training on how to do this correctly and successfully.

2 Online Events Every Month...

Bringing Great Businesses Together To Create New Opportunities Instantly...  We know the magic happens when we can bring quality people together and you show them how to connect, collaborate, mastermind and do things to help promote one another. The RMG Secret Society is all about helping our tribe to create new amazing opportunities with one another in a way that we know simply just works.

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The Implementation Program

Helping service providers to build their marketing systems and to add a minimum 36 new clients, in the next 12 months, without spending a cent on paid ads.

The implementation program helps any size business to get themselves going and start building their Million Dollar Referral System. This is an online program and is cost effective for any business to begin with.

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The Partnership Club

Helping service providers generate a 100 new clients, in 12 months, without spending a cent on paid ads.

Partnership Club is the next level and only accepts businesses that are established and ready to go to the next level. This is our flagship program and tribe who are all building their own Million Dollar Referral System, but at the same time helping one another create new opportunities.

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Book Michael As A Speaker

Having spoken all over the world and at many major business conferences over the past few years, Michael's dynamic approach and engagement with the audience ensures they are left dazzled and with their head spinning of new ideas.

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"Changing The Way We Do Business"

Having created 7 business and selling 6 of them in the past decade,

Michael has quickly become the #1 authority on referral & partnership marketing around the globe.

I love teaching people and businesses how to build referral teams, use their networks more effectively and get partners to fill your sales funnels for you. 

I love showing people how to do, exactly the same thing as what we do in our business each day to generate over 150 leads each week, without paying a cent for marketing.

If you are part of any networking group, referral group or association then you are leaving 70% of the opportunities on the table. 

Here is your chance to take your business to a whole new level, through using other people's networks, contacts and communities.

It's simple you "Don't Know, What You Don't Know" and after spending time with me you will see very quickly, hundreds of new opportunities every week to generate business that you didn't even realise were possible! 

Please connect with me on social media and be part of our amazing communities.

We Know How To Get You More Clients...

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