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We LOVE Showing Businesses How To Get A Truck Load Of New Referrals, Retain Their Clients For Longer & Sky Rocket Their Client Loyalty Turning Them Into #1 Ambassadors For Your Business!

Every day I hear business owners say...

  • How do I get more clients
  • How do I bring more referrals into my business
  • How do I make more sales
  • How do I increase the money coming into my business
  • Which advertising should I be using
  • How do I get more leads
  • How do I keep my clients happy
  • How do I keep my clients longer
  • How do I make my business stand out from my competitors
  • What tactics or strategies should I be using for business growth

And the list goes on...

Most businesses I speak to, believe that it’s their marketing that isn’t working, that they aren’t getting new clients because they haven’t mastered FB ads or SEO or Google Pay Per Click or Networking Events or Referrals


They don't know how to sell or where their ideal client hangs out.


The fact is, if you aren't getting new leads, more sales, more clients, more money into the business, it's because you haven't mastered this 'Upside Down Thinking' that is required to thrive.

Most businesses know that growing their business shouldn’t be as hard, as what it seems.

That there must be this secret formula!

And… there is…

But it has nothing to do with your marketing, the tactics you are using, your service offering or your systems.

This so called secret, that all successful businesses use to grow their business, is that they tap into the human hardwiring we all have, that controls our decision making and behaviours. We call it tapping into the Limbic Advantage.

The problem is as business owners we are very logical, process driven, analytical and rational. We use a lot of common sense and it's what also kills us in being able to get a truck of referrals, in retaining our clients longer and skyrocket their loyalty, so that the become walking, talking, ranting, raving billboards.

The Limbic Advantage was created to make your business more 'Extraordinary With The Moments' it creates. It has 9 key profit accelerators that will transform your referral systems, your client retention strategies and skyrocket your client loyalty experiences.

A Few Things You Can Do Straight Away

Watch The Limbic Advantage Masterclass and Learn How You Can Start Implementing The Accelerators

There’s a reason the world’s best service professionals and consultants call Michael “The Referral Guru” – as he is one of the most influential and represented trainers working anywhere in the world today within the business growth, referral marketing and client retention loyalty space.

Since 2016 he has been implementing the unique "Limbic Advantage Profit Accelerators" transforming processes and system of businesses all over the globe, helping them to:

  • Have a FULL pipeline of prospects wanting to work with you
  • Have more clients than ever before
  • Have clients staying with you for longer
  • Have consistent growth year on year

We Know How To Activate Extraordinary Moments

How To Work With Us

There are a number of different ways that we work with organisations depending on your size, needs and the results you are looking to achieve. Every program we have has been well thought out to ensure one thing... Your business grows and gets the results you are looking for.

If you are sick and tired of not growing

If you are sick and tired of trying lots of different marketing tactics and the next shiny thing

If you are sick and tired of not standing out in market place as the 'go to provider'

If you are sick and tired of having no clear strategy, plan or roadmap to move your business forward

If you are sick and tired of having to do it all yourself

Then reach out below and lets see where you are at and where you could go.

Love To Chat About Where Your Business Could Go

"Changing The Way We Do Business"

Michael Griffiths is the creator of the Limbic Advantage...

The #1 system for service professionals around the globe to transform their business growth by a minimum 5x fold by ‘Activating Extraordinary Moments’ throughout their business.

Moments that use our brains hardwiring, to evoke positive emotions, accelerate loyalty, trust and deep emotional bonds that others have with you and in the meantime makes you stand out in your market place above all others.

Moments that transforms your client retention, sky rockets client loyalty, and super charges your referrals.

Michael has created 7 business over the past decade and sold 6 of them along the way.


Having left the teaching profession in 2009 he has gone on to be seen as the leading authority around the globe on referral marketing and helping service professional to be more remarkable, profitable and impactful in their business.


We combine the power of human marketing, neuroscience, brain chemicals, human biology, primal instincts with everyday business strategies to supercharge any business from top to bottom.

We show service professionals how to dominate their market and stand out from ALL their competition.


Michael’s mission is simple… To Inspire one million consultants every year to play a bigger game in their business, to win every day and to be more profitable than ever before so they can contribute and help change society for the better.

If you are part of any networking group, referral group or association then you are leaving 70% of the opportunities on the table. 

Here is your chance to take your business to a whole new level, through using other people's networks, contacts and communities.

It's simple you "Don't Know, What You Don't Know" and after spending time with me you will see very quickly, hundreds of new opportunities every week to generate business that you didn't even realise were possible! 

Book Michael As A Speaker

Having spoken all over the world and at many major business conferences over the past few years, Michael's dynamic approach and engagement with the audience ensures they are left dazzled and with their head spinning of new ideas.

Here Are Just Some Of The Organisations Michael Has Worked With


We Know How To Activate Extraordinary Moments

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