Michael Griffiths - The #1 Authority On Fast Tracking Your Business Growth Through Transforming Your Referrals, Retention & Client Loyalty.

  • 2 x #1 International Best Selling Author
  • Over 500 Presentations Delivered In 20+ Countries & 250+ Podcast Interviews
  • #1 Referral Marketing Podcast On I-Tunes For 5 Years Straight
  • 12 Years Entrepreneur - 7 Businesses Grown & 6 Sold In Multiple Industries

Michael Griffiths is the #1 authority helping service professionals to fast track their business growth by transforming their referral systems, their client retention strategies and skyrocketing their client loyalty.

Michael shows service professionals his unique Limbic Advantage model and how they can use the power of neuroscience, brain chemicals, human hardwiring, and lots of other fun things, to Activate Extraordinary Moments throughout a business and create a stream of new clients, keep their current clients for longer and stand out above all their competitors.


Michael over the past 10 years has created 7 businesses, selling 6 of them along the way.


From humble beginnings as a primary school teacher and basketball coach, Michael now travels the globe sharing his Limbic Advantage model and inspiring thousands of service professionals to become more extraordinary in the way they Attract, Nurture, Enrol and Deliver.


Michael’s motto is simple… Look to help others before asking for help

Michael is best described as the Referral Marketing Guru - he specialises in transforming business growth across every corner of the planet using his 9 profit accelerators in the Limbic Advantage.

With 2 bestselling books (and a 3rd on the way), the #1 referral marketing podcast on I-Tunes for the past 5 years and presentations delivered in over 20 countries, he is clearly sought after to provide advice and wisdom for the smallest of businesses to the largest of organisations.

Michael is able to share his observations, experiences and research from around the world to identify the exact steps any organisation needs to take to become more extraordinary.

He delivers his advice in a down to earth, simple and often hilarious way. Michael has been a entrepreneurial commentator for many years, sharing both his observations and his realisations with audiences in INC.com, Huffington Post, On NBCS, CBS, ABC, Newscorp and many others.

As a keynote presenter, Michael's authenticity is one of his greatest assets. He has the rare ability to hold a mirror up to people and show them exactly what's wrong and how to change it FAST, with unapologetic honesty and a quick wit.

Michael imparts wisdom generously, but with clear expectations – he doesn’t just want to leave a warm and fuzzy lasting impression on his audience, he wants to have a lasting impact on the way they choose to live, work and do business as a result of the information he shares and stories he tells.

My Why Is Simple...

"To Inspire Service Professionals All Over The Globe To Be More Profitable Than Ever Before, Win Every day and Play A Bigger Game, So They Can Make A Greater Impact and Contribute More To Society."

Michael's advice is a combination of street smart wisdom, practical concepts and productive triggers, derived from the hard learned lessons with his own trial and error, as well as years of close observation and identification of the characteristics shared by both the really successful and the really unsuccessful.

Michael's journey started as a school teacher and elite level basketball coach. Two Olympic games, multiple national titles and countless state titles was a pretty good stint. But he knew there was more. In 2009 he left the teaching world and started his first business, a tutoring company. Fast forward a decade and Michael has created 7 businesses, selling 6 of them along the way.

Having transformed in so many ways... School teacher to a business owner with 180+ contractors on his team (twice).

Dropping 35kg's (75 pounds) in weight in 18 months. Running 77km (48 miles) in a weekend to raise $50,000 for the 'Make A Wish' Foundation, after never running 5km ever before in his life.

Michael knows what it takes to transform in every aspect of life and business and be remarkable!

Thoroughly engaging, a masterful speaker with decades of experience on stages around the world, and one of the leading entrepreneurial speakers in Australia, Michael is the man that over 500 organisations have trusted to help inspire, challenge and engage their audiences'

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Delivering Over 500 Presentations Across 20 Countries Globally

"The simple fact is growing a business does not have to be as hard as we make it to be, there is so much noise and advice that unfortunately is just too shallow. I love going deep and profound when it comes to fast tracking our business growth"


I’ve been delivering keynote addresses around the planet for many years, in that time I’ve presented on a huge range of topics, for every industry imaginable.

I always like to make my presentations engaging, current, I share many stories and experiences, and I give my audience valuable take home advice that they will be able to use immediately.

My audiences vary from Small Business owners and entrepreneurs, to corporations, industry groups and special interest groups.

Below I outline the kinds of keynote presentations I am offering. Please note I always tailor make my presentations, so if you have a specific topic in mind, that isn’t in the following information, please let me know and I’ll do my utmost to accommodate your request.


  • * Transforming Your Referral Systems & Retention Strategies
  • * How To Use Your Networks Effectively
  • * How To Leverage Through Partnerships
  • * Activating Extraordinary Moments In Your Business To Stand Out
  • * Inspiring Your Tribe & Fostering A Movement
  • * The Power Of Neurosciences In Your Marketing
  • * Winning Your Day
  • * Inspired Communication Using Brain Chemicals
  • * Creating Loyalty Within Your Clients
  • * Why Relationship Marketing Is The Only Marketing You Need

5 Ways To Stand Out Above Anyone Else In Your Market & Create NEw Clients Immediately

Most the time we think we are doing a great job, but really are we? It's the little things we do everyday that we just don't think about and the effect it is having on evoking positive emotions in our prospects, clients and wider networks.

The language we use, the processes we have, the communication we send out and the actions we take. I can guarantee you are shooting yourself in the foot and leaving tens of thousands of dollars sitting on the table in missed opportunities.

In this presentation I'm going to show you the 5 fastest fixes to start turning your business from a good business to a extraordinary business, that evokes positive emotions and is constantly spoken about.


Transforming Your Referral Systems In 3 Easy Steps

There is an art to getting referrals and no it's not just simply doing a good job and asking. Most businesses throw mud at the wall and hope that they get referrals, when in fact we could just as easily create what we call a Million Dollar Referral System.

Using referral sources, using our networks and leveraging through partnerships will help grow your business 10 fold without spending a cent on paid marketing.

In this presentation I'm going to walk you through how to build referral opportunities on a daily basis and layout the simple stepping stones to take to turn your business into a referral machine.


The Easiest Way To Turn Your Clients Into Walking, Talking, Ranting, Raving Billboards

Getting a client is just the start, having the goal to then turn them into a walking, talking, ranting, raving billboard should be what excites you.

How do you create stories in your business for your clients to share about you? How do you create magical experiences? How do you foster a relationship with them and show them that you care?

For 99% of businesses they just simply don't!

In this presentation I'm going to show you how to use brain chemicals in your business and on your clients. I'm going to show you how you must BE and THINK in order to increase your retainment and referrals 10 fold.


Stop Wasting Your Time On More Tactics & Just Start Winning

Whether we like it or not, business and personal go together. If one is out of whack then the other will be also. Most business owners don't know how to win! They don't know what it takes to do the monotonous day after day after day.

Having lost 75 pounds, started doing physical challenges to raise money for charity, what was a personal transformation quickly became a HUGE business transformation also.

In this presentation I'll share my personal story, what winning your day looks like. Why we are destined to fail because of our make up and primal instincts and what you actually need to do to get the self belief, commitment and confidence to change the world.


The Powerful Napkin Plan That Beats Every Form Of Marketing You've EVER Done

Businesses believe it's about having SEO, FB ads, Google PPC, going to networking events and the list goes on. If I get that right then I'll have more leads and finally be able to grow my business.

But, how wrong we are. A profitable, amazing business is about 'Our Why' , 'Our What' and 'Our How' and the best part is this can all be done on a single napkin.

In this presentation I'll share the napkin formula that will change your thinking, change your business and inspire you and your staff into greatness. The napkin is simple to do, easy to share and probably the most powerful element of any business.. Ever!


Attract, Enrol and Retain - The World's Longest Standing Marketing Strategy To Fast Track Your Business Growth

Marketing is not about throwing up some ads, hoping to get some leads, hoping that they are actually qualified and hoping that they'll be ready to be, what you're selling.

Marketing is about creating a system and there are 3 major parts to the system to ensure you have a constant flow of warm, qualified leads coming into your business everyday.

In this presentation we will break down the Attract, Enrol and Retain formula and show you step by step how to have your marketing thriving in no time at all.



  • * Hundreds of reviews, recommendations and happy clients
  • * One of the few Australian entrepreneurs to write for Inc.com
  • * I am an expert contributor for Brainz Magazine
  • * I am an expert contributor for Flying Solo
  • * Appear on global podcasts every week
  • * I have been featured in more media than I could list
  • * I have presented all around the globe and in non English speaking countries
  • * I am the Referral expert for numerous organisations and education groups
  • * Most importantly, I am really easy to work with and No prima donna speaker syndrome here - We both have one outcome, amaze your people.

Just Some Of Our Past Clients That We Have Spoken For

Just Some Of Our Happy Clients

Thank you Michael for another great social media presentation for Warringah Chamber Of Commerce.

The talk on LinkedIn and how to generate leads and sales was fantastic and very insightful.

Our members and guests walked away with great new ideas, easy to understand and follow concepts and once again your knowledge and ability to share was first class.

Warringah Chamber Of Commerce

Michael is a an energetic and eloquent speaker who clearly knows the ins and outs of marketing, influence and networking.

He provided the SME Association of Australia with a lot of great tips, anecdotes and lessons forward for each of us as we look to grow our businesses.

Michael took the time to answer all the questions so we could pick his brain about life, business and all in between.

He is truly inspirational and I recommend him as a keynote speaker

John Tse - SME Association Of Australia

I have known Michael for many years through some of his other businesses and our Chamber of Commerce and had the opportunity of having Michael speak at one of our Inspiring Women events.

Michael's is always so well received and extraordinarily simply explained.

Considering the diverse small business audience we had, he engaged and excited the business owners with the potential of growing their businesses and their ability to engage with their customers.

He gave specific tips and could assist with helpful information specific to their industries. I have no hesitation in recommending Michael as a speaker and/or trainer no matter what industry your business is with.

Sue Heins

Love Michael's high-EQ approach to developing referral partnerships!

So refreshing and absolutely everyone could learn more than a thing or two from him.

His engaging manner and fun outlook on business and being more remarkable is mind blowing and it was super informative - lots of great insights! Thanks, Michael

Celia Polkinghorne

Now, if you are convinced that I am the person to present to your audience – fantastic. I will do everything I can to make your next event a huge success. To confirm my speakers fee and to make a booking, you can either contact me directly using the booking form or book through your preferred speaking bureau (the price will be the same).

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  • 2 x International #1 Best Selling Books
  • Over 500 Presentations Delivered In 20+ Countries & 250+ Podcast Interviews
  • #1 Referral Marketing Podcast On I-Tunes For 5 Years Straight
  • 12 Years Entrepreneur - 7 Businesses Grown & Sold In Multiple Industries