Michael Griffiths - The #1 Authority On Referral Marketing Training For Service Providers Around The Globe

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Is Your Audience Looking To Get More Referrals or Turn Their Current Clients Into Walking, Talking Billboards

Then Michael Is The Speaker You Need...

By shaking the foundations of what you know about marketing, Michael educates his audience about 4 easy steps to fill their prospect pipeline daily without spending a cent on traditional marketing and ads. Using his “do it with me” approach, Michael’s audience will complete their own 4 step system that they can implement in their seats.  

During this dynamic, hands on session your audience will learn how to:  

  • Find referral opportunities immediately.
  • Reduce their marketing spend and still fill their pipeline daily with warm, qualified prospects. 
  • Implement a super simple system to use referral sources, create opportunities through their networks and leverage with partnerships.
  • Use the 3 segments of marketing correctly to book more sales appointments than ever before.  

After this session, your audience will walk away understanding how to create referral opportunities into their business, leverage through partnerships and fill their pipeline with warm, qualified and FREE leads. 

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Michael's Signature Presentation 

"Building Your Million Dollar Referral System Today"

A presentation that will shake the foundations of what you know about Referral Marketing.  

Learn how to generate 10-15 new referrals into your business each week, without spending a cent on paid advertising using our Million Dollar Referral System.  

Michael’s humorous, engaging and dynamic style of presenting will have you taking action in your seats. A big believer in not complicating things, Michael shares with his audience the super simple million dollar referral system that only requires 1-2 hours a week of work to guarantee results in any industry. Michael’s do it now approach to presenting will have your audience taking action immediately towards creating their own Million Dollar Referral System.  

In this fun and energising session you will learn;  

  • How to shake up your current marketing plan to guarantee a minimum of 10-15 warm, qualified leads each week. 
  • How to build referral sources to fill your CRM daily. 
  • How to build your Own Million Dollar Referral System (and no, it’s really not that hard)
  • How to leverage your current networks 
  • How to get mass exposure and build your networks  

After this session you will be empowered to spend less on marketing strategies that don’t work, and spend more time working on the things that excite you in life! 

Michael also presents on: 

"Turning Your Marketing Machine On In Under 24 Hours" 

Is your audience lost when it comes to creating a marketing system? Do they know they need one, but are unsure where to start? This is the session for your guys or gals. Michael will cover the three key segments that every marketing system needs. Michael’s fun and engaging way of simplifying everything allows you to focus on what really needs to get done.  

This session will teach your audience: 

  • How to build an audience at the top of funnel and create new leads daily, WITHOUT having to spend thousands of dollars on paid marketing.
  • How to nurture and educate that audience in the middle of funnel. The more they see you as an expert the quicker they buy. It is all about moving them from red to yellow to green FAST!
  • How to get your audience wanting to work with you and raising their hands at the bottom of funnel. If no one raises their hands then you have no sales opportunities. 

Once your audience has listened to this session they will be buzzing with excitement and the opportunities they have been missing out on. This session reveals at least a few thousand dollars sitting on the table in front of them each and every time.

"Why 95% Of Businesses Fail" 

Having left being a primary school teacher, Michael has gone on to create 7 businesses, selling 6 of them along the way. With over a decade of business success, not everything has been smooth sailing or turned into gold.

This talk will enthral your audience with the mistakes to avoid, the key elements to think about and the actions and activities that matter most.  

This session will teach your audience: 

  • The mindset of a successful business owner and the difficult learning's that I have taken along the way. 
  • Why a promise, a clear message and avoiding shiny objects is the key to building a name and brand.
  • Getting yourself out of the way as quickly as possible to allow growth in the areas that you suck at.

Once your audience has sat through this session, they will feel empowered, motivated and have a real clear plan on what they need to be doing going forward. 

More about Michael


Over the last 8 years, Michael has become #1 Authority on referral marketing training for service providers around the globe.  

Michael has a passion for teaching and loves working with people to help them build referral teams, use their networks more effectively and get partners to fill their sales funnels for them.  

Sharing his Million Dollar Referral System with clients, Michael teaches people how to get 10-15 warm qualified leads into their business each week. A firm believer in not complicating things, the simplicity of the Million Dollar Referral System allows for quick and effective implementation and guaranteed results.  

Michael’s no frills approach to business allows people to focus on what they really need to take action on, which ultimately, guarantees results for his clients.  

 Learn to how take your business to a whole new level, through using other people's networks, contacts and communities.  

It's simple, "You Don't Know, What You Don't Know" and after spending time with me you will see very quickly, hundreds of new opportunities every week to generate business that you didn't even realise were possible!  

 Your ability to create connections and leverage your networks is your competitive advantage when it comes to business growth. We work with coaches, consultants and professional service business to implement the Million Dollar Referral System to generate 10-15 new qualified leads per week into your business so you can grow! 

Speaking Fees

Michael will work with you where possible to accommodate your budget and event goals. He does book out his speaking engagements 3-12 months in advance.  

Michael's fee includes pre-presentation call to customise the content of the presentation to allow for maximum impact for your audience. The fee also includes a free e-book for all attendees, access to our exclusive Facebook Group and a training course to learn how to get more client referrals that they can use after the event.

A portion of Michael's Fees are donated to charity and are dedicated to creating new schools and education resources for children in third world countries.