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We Focus On 3 Key Areas When Working With You

Creating Your Referral Teams

The first thing we need to do is create referral teams. People who sell to the same sorts of people that you sell to and you don't compete with them. This allows us to build up a steady stream of referrals. By building your own teams of people, rather than relying on networking events, you now control the referral process.

Engage With Your Networks

Unfortunatley 70% of your networks are doing nothing for you. The good news, there is a lot of money sitting on the table when you do decide to re-engage with them and use them more effectiveley. We all have networks and when we grow our networks with purpose and use them effectiveley by staying front of mind, they will create more business for you.

Leverage Through Partnerships

The fastest way to fill your sales funnel is through partnerships and leveraging into other people's networks. However, there is an artform to creating cross promotions, to getting asked to speak, getting interviewed on podcasts or webinars. The more you find groups, associations, organisations that have your tagret audience the quicker you can leverage.

Why Referral Marketing Works

about Michael Griffiths

"Changing The Way We Do Business"

Having created 7 business and selling 6 of them in the past decade, Michael has quickly become the #1 authority on referral & partnership marketing around the globe.
I love teaching people and businesses how to build referral teams, use their networks more effectively and get partners to fill your sales funnels for you. 
I love showing people how to do, exactly the same thing as what we do in our business each day to generate over 135 leads a day, without paying a cent for marketing.
If you are part of any networking group, referral group or association then you are leaving 70% of the opportunities on the table. 
Here is your chance to take your business to a whole new level, through using other people's networks, contacts and communities.
It's simple you "Don't Know, What You Don't Know" and after spending time with me you will see very quickly, hundreds of new opportunities every week to generate business that you didn't even realise were possible! 
Please connect with me on social media and be part of our amazing communities.

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Our Numbers Don't lie... we are the #1 authority on referral marketing training - it is what we are proud of


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The Referral Authority Blueprint

Building You A Million Dollar Referral Machine

Step #1 - Self

We need to become referrable, understand how to train our partners, explain what it is we do and have the foundations set to fill our leads bucket.

Step #2 - Build

Next we can start building your referral teams. We call this our Partner channel, 66 people to help you grow your business.

Step #3 - Create

After we have built teams, we need to create lead magnets, lead funnels, social media platforms this gives our partners a way to give us more exposure.

Step #4 - Promote

When we have created systems we can then get people to promote things for us. Front of mind plans, engagement plans, partner promotion plans all allow us to create more business.

Step #5 - Sell

There is no point generating lots of new opportunities if we aren't converting them at a least 80% plus. Simple relationship sales is all it takes to sell more. We'll put a proven system in place with you.

Step #6 - Network

Finally if we are not growing our network with new people everyday, then we will eventually run out of people to speak to. So we have a network growth plan that allows us to build our audience.

Project One

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Project One

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Project One

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Project One

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our flagship programs

Million Dollar Referral Implementation Program

Starting Point
  • 10 Weeks To Complete
    1 Lesson Per Week
    Live Q&A Sessions
    Private Group Environment
    Fill Your Leads Bucket
    Build The Channels
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The Partnership Club Program 

  • 12 Month Intensive
    Action & Implementation
    Live Events
    Online Weekly Events
    Monthly Planning
    Build The System
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The Fast Track Individual or Team Program

Fast Track
  • 6 Months Intensive
    Individualised Program
    Fast Tracked Results
    Marketing, Sales, Systems
    Build The System
    Automate The Process
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“This isn't just a blueprint that will change your business, this is a system that will change your business forever. After just implementing a couple of things that Michael suggested we bought in 6 figures to our business.

Steve Brossman - The Authority Catalist

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What Others Are Saying

“I just spent the last two days with Michael at his Partnership Club event and it was fantastic. I not only learnt new referral and marketing techniques, but the network of quality entrepreneurs in the room was A-class. I'm looking forward to doing lots of great work with him”

Amanda Westphal

Founder of Prize Pig

“I thought I knew a bit about referral marketing. I went to networking events, a BNI and had great contacts. After just a day with Michael and I realised I knew nothing in terms of using all of them in a structured and systematic way. This is amazing and so powerful”

james Short

Founder Of Goals Tribe

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