Fast Track Business Growth Summit


Welcome to the Fast Track Business Growth Summit!!

I'm excited to spend a few days with you and help you transform your business growth, your referrals, word of mouth opportunities and how you can make a greater impact with your clients.

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For better engagement, to meet others and to create opportunities make sure you go into the private Facebook group for the summit. The link is in the button below.

All the recording, templates, worksheets you will find below as the day happens. We have some amazing speakers who I'm going to showcase that will also help you to have a better business. In the end I want you smashing it and making more money than ever before so you can help contribute and change society for the better!

Super excited to have you with us

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Here is a run down of the Live Trainings together during the summit

Remember everything is in AEST (Sydney Time)... So 8am Wednesday in Sydney is Tuesday 6pm in New York and Tuesday 3pm in LA.

On top of the Live Trainings each day, we will give you things to implement and work on over the 3 days using the Summit's private Facebook Group.

Day 1 - Wednesday 27th April

8am: Changing how you see your business messaging and making it more profound than ever before

9am: Ken Krell and the master of event marketing for service professionals.

9.30am: Activating Extraordinary Moments

Day 2 - Thursday 28th April

8am: Transforming how you fill your pipeline with our 3 box framework

8.30am: Leveraging your business growth through partnerships with Mark Harris

9am: Taking your business and personal story to a whole new level with Kyle Gray

9.30am: Tactical Nurturing and turning prospects into clients... FAST!

Day 3 - Friday 29th April

8am: Taking your exposure to new levels in the way you communicate, resonate and show up

8.45am: Triple your sales conversions by green braining your whole sales systems

9.15am: From Chaos To Clarity and the Limbic Advantage Plan

Day 4 - (VIP's ONLY) Saturday 30th April

8am - 10am: Individual Masterminding and strategy sessions to implement the Limbic Advantage Plan

Create a clear action plan, with strategies, frameworks and tactics to use over the next 90 days.

Day #1 Review, Recording & Implementation

Big day #1 with so much already happening to get you thinking completely different about your business.

We started with the Limbic brain and how to get into the part of the brain that controls all human behaviour and decisions.

We then went into the 4 foundations for any business and started to build these out.

We then had Ken Krell join us to talk about events (trust me EVERYONE should be doing this) and how to attract, nurture and enrol all from your event.

We finished with getting more profound on what our business does and the result that it delivers to your clients.

The Cortex vs Limbic Brain

The 4 Foundation Framework

The 4 MUSTS To Get Anyone To Buy From You

Going Deep On Your Business Message & Results You Offer

So your implementation for today is taking the iceberg and drawing out the real transformational, tangible, results that you get your clients.

What is the game that you play and how is it that they win?

For example: Our Game

We help service professionals add $500,000 to their business in the next 12 months by transforming their referrals, client retention and client loyalty strategies.

Day #2 Review, Recording & Implementation

Getting the tangible transformational result is what kicked off Day 2 - Honestly, when you nail this you become world class in your messaging and stand out from all your competitors.

Mark Harris as always was a genius around partnerships and how he leverages partnerships in both an exposure way, but also a delivery way. I sat there and instantly changed the way I'm doing things going forward.

Kyle Gray cemented the approach, the thinking, the way of being as he shared with us how to incorporate our story and more stories in our presentations, webinars, summits, masterclasses and the like. When you combine Ken from yesterday with Kyle from today you get a super charged framework to follow.

Finally we went through the 'SAGE Driven' mentality to help you turn prospects to clients faster than you have ever before.

Day #2 was HUGE and we still have another day to come.

Your Transformation Tangible Result

Partnering To Transform Your Service Offering

Sage Driven Mentality

Day #3 Review, Recording & Implementation

Two amazing speaker and a clear path on what your ideal path looks like between now and in 3 years time

Suzanne shared some amazing insights and super helpful tips and tricks to ensuring that your video strategy touches across all 4 areas of your Attract, Nurture, Enrol and Deliver strategies.

Petar green brained us and lifted the ability to convert more prospects into clients. Quite often it's not about needing more leads, but converting better and having the green brain methods to make prospects move fast to become your clients.

We also went through going from your comfort zone, to chaos to progress and what your ideal plan looks like for your business.

Final Words:

As with anything in life and business what you put into something is what you will get out of it

If getting more clients, growing your business, making more money or making more impact is a priority to you, then this will help you smash it out of the park.

The more engaged you are in the Facebook group, sharing who you are, leaving your insights and comments, participating in the live trainings, the faster you will change your results.

If you turn up and do other work while half listening in, please don't bother coming. How you show up in one thing in life is how you show up in everything.

If you aren't enjoying this or don't feel it can help you, then not a problem... I wish you all the best in trying to make it work for you.

If you are loving it or know of others that would love it then I'd kindly ask that you share it with your people, let others know about your experience and ensure they can join us at the next one by connecting me and them together.

As I said, I want you to smash it and growing a business to $20,000 , $50,000 & $100,000 a month is easy when you know exactly what we will be going through and how to accelerate your relationships.

Remember - How you show up, is exactly why you are in the spot you are in right now.. Level up your game!

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