Let me start with this...

I truly believe that every business should be oversubscribed with new clients every month.

They deserve to keep their clients for longer and every client should be a walking, talking, ranting, raving billboard for their business.

I believe that you should standout in your market place above all of your competitors and you should be making the impact and contribution that you set out to do.

Unfortunately, however I hear people tell me the complete opposite...

That getting leads is hard, getting clients is hard, growing a business is hard and they have tried marketing tactic after marketing tactic, after marketing tactic. They built this funnel, followed this persons sales process, copied this script, and on and on and on it goes, with no real results.

The problem with this, is it is what I call 'tip of the iceberg' thinking, and it's why so many businesses find it hard to fast track their business growth.

Growing a business comes down to 4 key areas and when you have a clear plan and strategy for each of them, you don't need to worry about do I use FB ads, or SEO, or Pay Per Click, or Webinars, or Facebook Groups, or (fill in the blank)

Join me on Wednesday April 13th (Sydney Time) and in just 60 minutes, I'll share with you exactly what you need to focus on, PLUS I'll show you how we actually implement them into our business and give you our next 30 day plan to model and follow.

YES... I'd Like To Attend The Masterclass

Michael Griffiths

The #1 Authority On Fast Tracking Your Business Growth By Transforming Your Referral Systems, Your Client Retention Strategies & Sky Rocketing Your Client Loyalty.

Michael Griffiths is the creator of the Limbic Advantage. The #1 system for service professionals around the globe to transform their business growth by a minimum 5x fold.

The Limbic Advantage taps into our brains hardwiring, it evokes positive emotions, it accelerates loyalty, trust and deep emotional bonds and it ensures you have a stream of new clients to work with, a stream of clients that stay with you longer and a business that everyone talks about's and shares with others.

Growing A Business Is Not Hard When You Are Inspirational With Your Thinking, Strategy & Experiences.


Wednesday April 13th @ 10am (AEDST - Sydney Time)

YES... I'd Like To Attend The Masterclass

What We Will Do Together:


I'll walk you through the 4 BIG questions you need to put a strategy around if you are ever going to really fast track your business growth.

Without knowing these key areas you will always find yourself chasing your tail and doing things harder than what you need to be.


I'll show you the 3 levers that all fast growing businesses use to super charge their growth every month.

No it's got nothing to do with referrals, ads, networking, webinars or funnels.

When you start putting these 3 levers in place, everything else in your business becomes easier.


I'll give you what our 30 day fast track growth plan looks like. Every element right there in front of you for you to model and start implementing yourself.

This alone will save you hours and hours, let alone the energy and strategy that you would have to come up with on your own.