Referral Coach: The #1 In-House Referral Coaching For Your Clients

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Providing You With A Referral Coach To Work With & Help Your Clients Thrive As Part Of Your Service or Program

Do you want your clients to make sales faster than ever before?

Do your clients rely on referrals and partnerships as a primary way to grow their business and get clients?

Is it something you either don't have the knowledge, scripts, templates, or the how to's, to go into depth to really help them?

Would you like to offer them the #1 referral marketing training anywhere on the globe, to help them fast track to get more referrals, use their networks more effectively and leverage through partnerships.

You see touching the surface and getting them to do a few basic ideas is a good starting point, but really there is so much more money that your clients could be taking off the table.

We have a complete proven systems, with all the processes and how to's at your finger tips ready to plug and play. In essence we can become your plug-in referral coach.

No need to learn it yourself.

No need to spend time, energy, effort having to teach it.

No need to do anything, other than add it to your existing service and programs.

The more clients they get, the longer they can stay with you and your services.

If you would like to:

  • Help your clients get more clients through referrals and partnerships
  • Help them build a referral system into their business
  • Add HUGE value to your existing programs and services without having to teach it or learn it yourself
  • Tap into the #1 referral training IP in the globe

Then we have the answer!

Over the past 8 years we have helped thousands of businesses get more referrals and clients into their business with our leading systems, processes and how to's to ensure client success and growth. As your plug-in referral coach you now have at your fingers tips cutting edge scripts, templates, how to's, for your clients to use and implement. We will help you to help them build out their own Million Dollar Referral System.

The Million Dollar Referral System Has 9 Key Referral Profit Accelerators...

#1 - Build Your Referral Sources

With this accelerator we create your referral partner whiteboard and your referral teams to instantly increase the number of referrals you receive into the business. We also systemise your client referrals.

#2 - Systemise Client Referrals

Leveraging through your current clients is easy with the 3 step triangle we put in place. Soon you won't have to be asking clients for referrals, they will just happen.

#3 - Create Your Joint Venture Gift Partners

With this accelerator we create JV gift partners who every time they get a client, you get a prospect. This is so powerful that this accelerator alone could add 20+ new leads a month into your business.

#4 - Grow Networks With Perfect People

There is no point having a network if they are not the right sorts of people and they are not creating new opportunities for your business. The key is having a strategy that brings you the prefect network.

#5 - Engage, Educate & Be Seen To Get Doors Opened

Getting seen is one thing, adding value, nurturing and making sure you come across as the expert is another. This accelerator is all about influencing your network to open doors and create new opportunities for you.

#6 - Fill Your Training's, Events and Challenges

One of the fastest ways to EDUCATE is to train and show. It builds the know you, like you, trust you factors 10 fold. Lets do that every month and get more sales calls booked in.

#7 - Reach Thousands With Key Partners

Leverage is the key with partnerships and getting in front of 10, 50, 500 people at once is a lot more exciting than 1 by 1 by 1. Every business has key partnerships that could explode their business instantly. Lets start finding yours.

#8 - Use Affiliates Effectively

Affiliates are like having a bonus sales team who are out there selling and only get paid when they make sales for you. Every business can create affiliates and get them bringing you new prospects who are ready to buy from you.

#9 - Maximise Your Exposure With Other People's Audience's

There is so much opportunity to get mass exposure into other people's networks. Podcasts, webinars, conferences, publications all provide an easy way to create warm, qualified leads instantly.

There are a number of ways that you could use this

  • For renewals
  • For upgrades to higher levels
  • At a certain time frame within your program as a bonus for staying around
  • As a bonus for joining you
  • For the next level (that we've just help create for you)

Your return on investment will come through:

  • Higher retention rates as your clients get referrals and more business themselves, therefore staying with you is a no brainer
  • Upgrades to a higher level program where you offer this training (don't have a higher level program, you do now)
  • Renewals into a new term where the program is offered to your clients
  • Add on where you charge an amount per client who wants to be involved

We have a variety of options to fit your needs and those of your clients. This is just a single monthly fee and all your clients get access to the IP & Systems and Training.

We can work together and tailor a solution that fits your program, needs and will work best with what you have happening right now. Some different things we can include are:

  • Access to videos, scripts, templates and how to's in building out the million dollar referral system
  • Implementation activity video each fortnight / month for your clients to do and take action on to get results
  • Monthly Training Sessions
  • Monthly Q&A Get Unstuck session
  • Q&A's answered in your client portal / FB group / communication channels
  • Run training sessions at your events

* Implementation Video is a 10-15 minute show and instructions on what to do for your clients to follow along and actually complete with me.

* Live monthly training can fit in with your current program and education and is tailored to your clients needs.

* The monthly Q&A is run to help your clients have their questions answered, bring their specific needs, wants, problems to the table for help with.

* Ongoing Q&A in your communication channel is set up as a thread and allows your clients to get help as they need it, ensuring they keep moving in the right direction.

Just Click The Button Below and Find A 20 Minute Spot In My Calendar & Lets Chat More To See If There Is A Fit

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