We Appreciate You Helping Grow The Movement


We Know That The Best Possible Clients For Us Are People You Already Have Relationships With

Whether you are in Accelerator Hub Or Partnership Club we would love your help in growing the moment and helping more service providers have a greater impact for their clients and on society as a whole.

Here Is My Thinking On How It Works:


If you know a service provider that would love to be more remarkable, more profitable and create a bigger impact then I'll give them an opportunity to experience our program first hand for 30 days free of charge.

We will work with them, allow them to turn up to all events and give them an opportunity to meet the tribe. At the end of the 30 days they will either love it and want to continue to leave it and we'll part ways as good friends.


As a way of saying thank you for introducing us to amazing people we will organise a accommodation voucher as a gift to you to use anytime in the next 18 months AND you'll also get a special invite to our REFERRAL THANK YOU dinner held on the Wednesday night of Partnership Club Intensive.

FYI.... We'd love to give you a year of holidays on us!

How I'd Love Our Relationship To Be:

We would love your person to experience everything we have to offer and fall in love with how we can help them. If for some reason they don't that's okay too. It in no ways effects our relationship or what we are doing together... EVER!

We will work with your person, no different to any other person who starts off in our programs. They will go through the same experience, get the same help and experience exactly the same events. We will bring them into the tribe and show them exactly how to grow and make an impact.

When your person is invited to come into our program (see the stepping stones of what happens below) we will organise with you an accommodation voucher for 4 days / 3 nights as a way of saying thank you for trusting us with your person.

The accommodation voucher will give you 4 days / 3 night stay at a location of your choice (over 15 countries and hundreds of cities). You will have up to 18 months to use the voucher and pick the dates you'd like and from the hotels that are available on those dates. The accommodation voucher is for 2 adults. We will organise this together.

If the person doesn't fit or qualify to do things with us, that is not a problem at all, of course we will be thanking you still, as we really appreciate you thinking of great people to help grow the movement that we are creating together. It's a little surprise that will come your way.

The Simple Steps Of Introducing Us:

1. Think of who do you know that is a service provider, has a good service, wants to grow and wants to make more of an impact in helping others.

2. Either email connect them to me or do a group Facebook message, with a simple message bringing us together. (please have spoken to them and ensured they want to be connected and want to explore this opportunity with me)

3. I will reach out to them and organise a quick chat to find out more about them, their business, their goals and see if we can help them or not. If we can help them I will share with them which program I feel best suits them right now and give them an opportunity to work with us for 30 days to see if they love it.

4. At the end of the 30 days they will either continue on or they will depart (again either way does not ever effect our relationship)

So for you, there is really only one part to do.. Which amazing service providers do you have a relationship with that you feel could benefit from working with us and then have a talk to them first and introduce them to me second. I'll handle to the rest.