The Collaboration Party is exactly that, one big party of service professionals who all share, promote, open doors and help one another to get more free exposure than ever before.

Think networking, mixed with partnerships, mixed with collaborations, mixed with a room full of people wanting to help you get more clients.

It's a GAINT social pod that is here to trick the social media algorithms (shhh don't tell them that) and give you more exposure and more reach throughout your network, with your social content.

It's a GAINT network that is there to allow you to find new cross promotions, referral sources and opportunities.

It's a GAINT exclusive tribe of quality people who all have the mindset of helping one another and sharing as much as they can.

We promote each others content and ensure your socials are full of love and comments twice a week.

Then once a month we come together on zoom and hang out learning more about each other and finding extra ways to collaborate and help one another.

So there is always lots of new opportunities for every person to join in on.

I decided to do this was...

1. I hate having to find networking events, where I know there will be quality people and people who actually want to help one another, rather than just be there for themselves

2. I know the fastest to grow a business is leveraging into other people's networks, so the bigger, better, deeper the connection is with our networks, the faster great things happen.

So I thought, why not make that happen with the brilliant people I have around me already.

So I can't wait to have you along and join in the fun!!

The Whole Idea Is That We Will...

  • Find new podcast opportunities for people
  • Find new social pod opportunities for people
  • Find new referral partner promotion opportunities
  • Get you introduced to a bunch of quality people to build greater relationships with
  • Find new opportunities to be a podcast guest or get new guests for your own show.
  • Build new referral partners who you can do cross promotions with, joint ventures and even give away promotions with.
  • Start relationships with loads and loads of new people


To Join The Collaboration Party You Need To:

1. Be a service professional of some sort (ie: you need to provide a service to others)

2. You need to have clients and do a good job with them

3. You need to be active and want to collaborate and help others

4. You understand that this pod is not for you to sell to, it is here to help you get MORE exposure and REACH to your current networks by tricking the algorithms.

If you are happy with all of that, then please hit the apply button and we will see you on the other side, where you will get the zoom registration for the next up-coming party

Click Here, Fill In Your Details & We Will Shoot Over The Link To Join Us For The Next Party