"The Million Dollar Referral System"

Building Strategic Partners and Leveraging Into Other People's Networks, To Consistently Grow Your Business By A Minimum 5+ Clients A Month...

It was great to be able to chat with you and show you the Million Dollar Referral System

Since 2013 we have been helping service businesses to grow consistently month after month with new clients.

We have been helping them LEVERAGE into other people's networks and we have been helping them make a greater IMPACT with their own clients.

There is nothing more I LOVE than seeing other business leaders SMASH it out of the park and create a business they truly love.

Here is the Million Dollar Referral System Drawn Out:

As a client we will welcome you into Partnership Club and...

Build your strategic partner networks every day, so that they can have conversations about referral partnerships, new cross promotions and get their business shared into new networks.

Build you a prospect pipeline every day, so that they can have conversations with their ideal target audience and show them how they can make their life better.

Stay engaged with your wider networks every day, so that they stay front of mind and create opportunities for referrals, cross promotions and picking up new clients.

Give you the exact phrases, words and conversations text to use to ensure the conversations go from just talk to real opportunities.

Train you twice a week. These trainings are recorded if you can't make it live and the trainings are designed to help you build and implement the million dollar referral system.

Invite you to our monthly boardroom session were we mastermind what's working and what is not. We also set up your next 30 day projects.

Bring you and the whole Partnership Club tribe together for 2 days every quarter and show you how to take your business growth to new levels with cutting edge tactics, strategies, frameworks and mentoring.

The bottom line is we make sure our clients create a consistent flow of new clients.

Partnership Club is a 12 month program and then month by month after that. The investment is $2,000 per month and on average our clients are with us for about 3.5 years.

We are RESULTS driven and guarantee our clients will get results. We Guarantee A 5x Return On Investment with all of our clients.

We know that the Million Dollar Referral System works and absolutely transforms the growth of a service business... If we don't think we can create your business a minimum 5x return, then we will tell you so.

If You Are Ready To Get Started Or Have Any Questions Please Send Me An Email 
support@michaelgrifiths.com.au or find a time in my calendar to chat