Would You Like To Team Up Together

Unique Opportunity to Partner with us on Our Referral Growth Summit Event


The Gist

Hopefully you have watched the video as that really explains what we are doing and how we are doing it.

The bottom line is we are putting together a 3 day challenge mixed with a virtual summit to have a super engaging, powerful event that will help the audience to grow their business and get results immediately.

The Target Market is Coaches, Consultants, Professional Services, Service Providers

Over the course of the 3 days our goal is to show them how to keep their clients for longer, create a flow of ongoing referral streams, standout in their market as the go to provider and have everyone in their networks sharing them and talking about them in a positive way. WHY?

Well, the simple fact is the better business they have, the more profitable they are and therefore the bigger impact they can create to help more people.

Next Summit Details:

Summit Dates: Here are the planned dates for 2022

  • Feb 2nd / 3rd / 4th
  • April 26th / 27th / 28th
  • June 22nd / 23rd / 24th
  • Aug 30th / 31st / Sept 1st
  • Oct 19th / 20th / 21st
  • Dec 14th / 15th /16th

What I need from you to promote you during the summit:

  • A 10-15 minute video around your zone of genius, making sure you are adding value and teaching (no sales, I'll do that for you)
  • A guide, e-book, lead magnet that they can get if they choose to
  • A promotion / offer that you'd like to share with them
  • Optional - A prize / giveaway that can be used during the summit

Any one of these things are fine, the more the merrier I would say :)

What I need a commit from you in promoting the summit:

  • Sharing the registration link out at least 3 times to your CRM / Database
  • Sharing the registration link at least 3 times out on your social media platforms
  • Sharing the registration link as a story on your social platforms

The simple fact is if we have 10 partners for the summit who all bring in 10 people to join us then you are in front of 100 people and 90 of them you don't know...

That's the power of leveraging into other people's networks and the best part is I'm really doing all the work for you

How It Works:

On the registration page it will track where a new summit participant has come from, so to help increase numbers for everyone's benefit and exposure we just put these simple rules in place so that everyone can be on the same page.

I will be sending people to your video's and promotions and talking about them just as much as our own trainings on both the live zoom trainings and within the Facebook group. You getting attention and eyes balls is important to me also. This is not a one way street and I value our relationship. I know for it to continue you need to win and get clients at the same time.

The Summit Format:

  • Over the 3 days there is a 45-60min live face to face training on zoom for them to attend each day
  • The live training will also go back into the FB group
  • There are activities, homework and engagement in the FB group all day over the 3 days
  • We will create guides with our partners area of expertise and showcase your genius in the FB group and talk about it on the live trainings so they know where to go and watch
  • Hopefully you can participate also over the days and engage. I'll tag you into things and have a bunch of fun with you also.

How You Can Promote:

It is really up to you how you would look to promote the summit and where you have your credibility with your networks.

We would appreciate a couple of emails out to your CRM as a minimum from a partner. We can provide you with copy for your social platforms, emails and conversations you'd like to have.

You can Click Here to see the summit event page.