WARNING - Do Not Waste Any More Time, Effort, Energy or Money On Marketing, Lead Generation or Things You 'THINK' Might Grow Your Business Until You Have Attended This Event.

It Will Change Your Business Strategy & FAST TRACK Your Business Growth Forever!

Everyday I hear the exact same problems, the exact same words, the exact same frustrations, and if they are the same frustrations you currently have, then I have a really easy solution for you.

  • I don't make enough sales
  • I don't get enough qualified leads
  • I don't have enough clients
  • I don't know what to do to grow my business
  • I wish I had more clients
  • I wish my business made more money
  • I'm wasting money on things that aren't working
  • I'm at a lost at what to do next
  • I want to grow my business (faster)
  • I wish I had more time

And honestly there is ONLY one main reason (okay maybe two)

You have what I call 'Right Way Up Thinking'

97% of business owners have been taught the 'Right Way Up Thinking' and to chase after leads, to hustle every minute they have, to focus on adding value to others, to put up content every day and hope to get seen.

They focus on the wrong questions, the wrong actions, implementing the wrong strategies and they wonder why they can't crack the success code.

Business is not hard when you focus on the 4 key areas of attract, nurture, enrol and deliver.

But it's not just enough to focus on those 4 key areas... Instead you need to implement systems, frameworks and strategies that tap into every humans hardwiring.

You need to tap into the core part of the brain that controls all decision making and controls all human behaviour, the Limbic part of the brain.

After years and years of combining neuroscience, brain chemicals, primal instincts, human hardwiring and influence mechanisms, we can show you exactly how to fast track your business growth with ease.


REASON #2: You Haven't Been Shown The Upside Down Thinkers Playbook

During This Summit, We Have Bought Together Some Amazing Speakers To...

  • Create a clear strategy around how you attract, nurture, enrol and deliver
  • Implement the 'exponential growth matrix' to your business and transform your upside thinking immediately.
  • Give you simple frameworks to bring in new leads immediately
  • Transform your sales (both your process and your actual results)
  • Revamp your current system to run your business more efficiently giving you back more time
  • Become more inspirational with your strategy and profound with your messaging
  • Get the very latest tactics, scripts, ninja moves that are working right now and adding millions of dollars to businesses around the globe

This Business Growth Summit Is All About... Giving You Simple Frameworks That Will Fast Track Your Business Growth Instantly and Have You Getting More Clients Faster Than Ever Before...

Don't Miss Out On Hearing From...

Michael Griffiths -The Limbic Brain Master

7 business, selling 6 in the past decade and over 50,000 clients served.

Petar Lackovic: The Sales Mastery Magician

The king of red brain / green brain sales systems and currently has a 7 figure per year training and consulting business.

Kyle Gray: The Storytelling Wizard

The guy coaches, consultants, service professionals run to when they want to connect with their audience on a deeper, profound level.

Suzanne Glover: The Video Queen When It Comes To Building Your Business With Video

35+years in the acting, Hollywood, performing world. 2 decades of making people stand out as the authority and sell more through video.

Mark Harris: Business Growth Through Partnerships Genius

Former business partner of Michael Gerber (E-Myth) creator of JVSummit, owner of multiple 7 figure business. The knowledge and experience of some 30+ years in business.

Ken Krell: The Wizard Of Events To Smash Your Business Growth

With numerous decades of experience and some $100m+ in event sales across the globe. Ken is an icon and legend in the service professionals field in event marketing.

Every amazing speaker doesn't talk the talk, they've walked the walked creating inspiring businesses and helping thousands throughout the world. Their expertise and knowledge is second to none in their space and geting time with any of these people would normally cost you thousands of dollars.

* Come learn from the very best

* Come grow your business

* Come hang out with other service professionals who are ready to create a bigger impact with their business.

Don't miss out on your opportunity to participate!


Here Are The Details For The Next "Growth Summit"

When is it: Wednesday 27th April - Friday 29th and the VIP bonus day is on Saturday 30th (AEST Sydney Time) .... So that's the 26th - 28/29th for USA Time zone

Time: 8am - 10am (AEST) Each Day (That's 6pm EST & 3pm PST)

Where is it: Virtual - So join in from anywhere

Ticket Options:

1. Basic Summit Ticket - Free

2. VIP Ticket for $97

The VIP Ticket Gets You

  • A Business Fast Track Growth Gift From Every Speaker - Value $2,000
  • The 'VIP Bonus 4th Day' where we go deep and you get to implement for 2hrs together - Value $1000
  • The 'VIP Mastermind Round Table Day' . Mastermind your business and get you help immediately - Value $1000

That's over $5000 worth of value for just $97

The Summit Format:

  • 3 days of 2hrs live face to face training on zoom... 8am - 10am AEST every day
  • Private FB Group to interact, for recordings, to meet other summit participants
  • Key actions, implementation tasks from every day to fast track your growth
  • Private summit portal which allows you to catch up on recordings, get templates, scripts, etc that you need to fast track your business growth
  • VIP 4th Day 8am - 10am. Time to go deep into your strategy and give you frameworks that will instantly get you results.
  • VIP Mastermind Round Table @ Monday 2nd May 8am - 10am AEST

Fast Tracking Your Business Growth Begins In...


Best Business Growth Practices From 8+ Years of Rapid Growth

"When you understand the Limbic Advantage, you unlock unlimited growth potential for your business.

Since 2013 coaches, consultants & professional service providers have come to us to fast track their business growth, transform their referral systems, transform their client retention strategies, and sky rocket their client loyalty.

We show them how to implement the Limbic Advantage in such a way that they become oversubscribed with new clients, they keep their clients for longer and they stand out in the market place with more walking, talking, ranting, raving client billboards than ever before.

The bottom line is… When you tap into the human hardwiring with every moment across your business, you become flooded with new clients.

In this business growth summit, I'll be sharing these best practices of exactly what's worked for us and our clients with you!

Can't wait to have you with us

Michael Griffiths

Founder Referral Marketing Guru