The Client Acquisition System...

'Helping You Put A Minimum 50 New Warm Qualified Prospects Into Your Pipeline Each Month'

One of the best ways to growing your business is running a free masterclass, webinar, Q&A session, training or workshop each month.

You have an audience that want your help, you have an audience that is willing to learn from you and you have an audience that is looking for a solution to their pain point.

BUT... Running an event each month can be hard, frustrating and very time consuming.

  • Where do you get your registrations / participants from?

  • How do you keep attracting new registrations / participants each month?

  • How do you turn these registrations into new clients?

  • We do all of the marketing for your events.
  • We takeaway all of the stress in getting registrations and new leads.
  • We save you hours and hours every day in growing your business.

We will fill your event, get you lots of exposure so all you need to do is turn up, share your genius, engage and enrol clients!

My mission is...

  • To ensure you have a full pipeline of potential clients to talk to and help change their lives.
  • To ensure your business has great exposure.
  • To ensure your business is growing with new clients.
  • To takeaway the stress and frustrations of your marketing.
  • To make the Client Acquisition System as easy as possible to use and win with.
  • Deliver you 5X ROI on your investment or we’ll do it for free till we do!

If You Want A Minimum 50 New Qualified Prospects In Your Pipeline Each Month Then Lets Have A Call and See If It's A Fit For Your Business - Click Here To Find A Time...

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What if I already have a monthly event happening?

Perfect, we can start running your campaigns immediately so that you begin filling your pipeline with new leads, this means growing your business immeditaley.

2. What if I don't have a monthly event happening?

Perfect, we will start with creating your monthly event with you. We will make sure that all the tech, automations and behind the scenes is working (so don't worry if you're not tech savvy). You will have an event ready to run campaigns to within 7 days.

3. How do the campaigns work?

Behind the scenes we are running 3 campaigns for you. We do all the heavy lifting so you don't have to.

Campaign #1 your 'Strategic Partner Campaign' we build you new partnerships and give you a steady flow of conversations with people that could partner up with you.

Campaign #2 your 'Prospect Campaign' we build a network of prospects, so that you have a steady flow of conversations with your potential clients to either invite them to your event or to book them into your calendar.

Campaign #3 your 'Direct Invitation Campaign', with hundreds of direct invites going to your target audience daily, it's the fastest way to fill your registrations.

Between our software and our team, we will do all the heavy lifting and activities. That way you can focus on nurturing your prospects and bringing on new clients.

4. What if I already get 100 - 200 or even more people to my events and I want more?

YES, YES and YES, we most definitely can. Whatever your current number is, I'm very confident that are Client Acquisition System will increase your numbers and give you and your sales team more opportunities to grow.

5. What does our agreement look like?

You want RESULTS (and so do WE), sometimes it takes a month or two to tweak, monitor and adjust the campaigns and strategies to get them really dialled in.

That is why we have a 6 month initial agreement and then month by month (30 days notice) after that. At the end of 6 months if we have not added 5x the return on investment, then we will continue running your campaigns for FREE until we do.

6. What is the investment?

It's simple... $330 per week direct debited. Our ROI Guarantee means that you we will generate a minimum $45,000 worth of new business in the next 6 months or we will continue to run your campaigns until we do.

7. What results do you get?

On average we see about 50 - 150 registrations each month, with name, email, contact number for our clients event. That is 50-150 new qualified leads for you to deepen relationships with and see how you can help them with your service.

8. What else do I need to know?

Besides the campaigns, we'd love you to jump into our live coaching sessions which are held to help you turn those conversations and opportunities into new clients faster.

Can't make it live? Easy, a training portal holds all the recordings and templates that you will ever need. We want you to win, we want you to grow and we want you to be getting more clients, so we will provide everything we can to make that happen.

This isn't just about filling your events and getting you qualified leads... It's about helping you get new clients and growing your business every month consistently.