Do You Have Events That You Run To Bring In New Clients? We Have The System To Get Them Filled With New Prospects!

Growing A Business Through Events Is Not Hard... When You Create Powerful Relationships With People That Want To Promote You, Share You, Open Doors For You and Collaborate With You

Running an event, whether it be online or offline is a great way to bring new people into your world.

It allows you to start the relationship with new prospects, it allows you to deepen your connection with them and it allows you to show them how you can help them with their pain points.

Events have been the corner stone for thousands of businesses and continue today to ensure that you get to Resonate faster than ever before with your prospects, which in turn helps you turn them into clients.

BUT... The problem with events... Is filling them!

It's hard work, it's tiring, it's stressful and the majority of people running events think that if you throw enough money at paid ads, that you will guarantee an audience to turn up. WRONG!

Having an event system is key. Having an ongoing, consistent team ensuring your events are filled, makes all the difference. And that's where we come in.

EVERYTHING happens through the relationships you build and the doors others can open for you!

The Events Filling Machine, works with your organisation to plan out 12 months worth of events, builds the processes and systems to fill those events and allows you to just put the event on and start the relationships with the people who turned up.

The events filling machine, is not a one solution fits all cookie cutter. It requires tailoring based on your needs and the types of events you are planning to run. It is designed to ensure that your return on investment is guaranteed 5x fold over the 12 month period we work together.

We Will...

  • Help you tailor your event schedule
  • Prepare the event filling machine systems and automations
  • Create outside partnerships to fill the events
  • Deepen Relationships with your current audiences
  • Nurture event participants to have them become ambassadors
  • Build new cross promotions partners for you who will do joint ventures and even give away promotions
  • Start relationships with loads and loads of new people via your social channels
  • Plus so so so much more

The Bottom Line Is... We Know How To Fill Your Events Organically, Without Having To Spend Money On Paid Ads.

The Q&A's

  • We provide you with a done for your service. Our team does all the work for you each day.
  • We plan out your event schedule, tailor the activities of when and what is going to happen and them implement them.
  • We will put systems in place to help with turn up rates, but obviously can't drag everyone by their ear to the event.
  • What happens at the event and after the event is your responsibility. Sure I'm an expert at it and happy to guide you, but it is your responsibility to make the magic happen and turn participants into clients.
  • Our 5x return on investment guarantee is over the 12 month period. That is the minimum time we will work with one another. This is a long game, not a throw mud at the wall and hope it works game.
  • We are paid a monthly amount which ensures our team can do all the work and our expertise is put to use. We don't profit share, have commissions or any other forms on what you sell. That is yours.

If you would like to see the 5 stages of the Event Filling Machine drawn out, in a way that it can help you, then please just use the form below to touch base.

YES... Please Help Us Fill Our Events