Turning Your Client / Program / Community Manager, Into A 'Client Experience Machine', While Making Them Your #1 BDM Through The Deep Bonds They Create With Your Clients...

There is this ONE SIMPLE, YET POWERFUL opportunity that most service businesses overlook to be able to grow their business with ease.

Instead they waste time, effort, money, energy trying to run marketing campaigns that are often hit and miss.

Where the simple fact is, as long as you already have 5, 10, 15, 20+ clients you could easily double that number in just 90 days.

From what I see right now, the biggest waste of opportunity is how you use you program / account / community manager (what ever it is you call them). They focus 85-95% of their time on process driven activities, they simply are their to tick a box, their focus is on keeping a client happy and it's costing you BIG TIME.

No Longer is it good enough to say 'we do a great job', 'we provide a great service', or 'we get good results'.

There is whole another level that your internal team should be doing.

A level that will transform your internal marketing, your referrals, your introductions, your doors being opened, your events being filled, your pipeline being filled.

Just imagine having a business that

  • 'WOWed' your clients daily,
  • Was the most 'extraordinary' in your market
  • People talked about you constantly to others
  • Had a flood of testimonials, recommendations and reviews
  • Had a queue of referrals waiting to work with you
  • Stood out from the crowd

Welcome To The Limbic Advantage!

The Limbic Advantage transforms the way you do business from top to tail. It takes it from logical, boring, analytical processes to an Exponential way of doing.

The problem is the majority of businesses hire a client / program / account / community manager to look after their clients and have them focus on boring 'cortex brain' type activities.

They get them to look after the admin, the enrolment, follow the processes, follow up on forms, chase paperwork, etc, etc

They get them to check in on the clients if they have gone missing or you haven't heard from them in a while, or they get them to book in calls, appointments, chase payments... The list goes on.

They sit in what we call the Transaction or Process Driven Stages of the Matrix (the red or amber zone)

This is not what a REAL client experience machine should be doing.

The Client Referral Maximiser turns your client manager into a client experience machine.

We do this by focusing on 7 key projects with them.

  • We get them to understand the thinking and mindset. The difference between the Cortex and Limbic brains and the power of the human hardwiring and brain chemicals.
  • We show them how to deepen their connection, in a way that builds overwhelming trust, profound loyalty and emotional bonds with each and every client.
  • We spice up and chemicalise their communication, making it brain chemical focused. Dropping dopamine, oxytocin and serotonin with every word.
  • We look at the first 30 days of the client journey and how they can enhance the bond, relationships and engagement, that leaves the client saying 'this was the best decision I've ever made'.
  • We set out and plan the client journey pathway for the length that a client would normally stay with you. Creating deliberate feels and taking the loyalty to a whole new level.
  • We look at filling the pipeline through our current clients and how we can get them to recommend, review, refer and share us to others.
  • We pull apart every system and process and revamp them to make them truly magical and inspirational in a way that your clients become ambassadors for life.

If you would like to explore how we can help your organisation turn your client manager into a client experience machine then just reach out using the form below and lets look at creating a plan.

I'd Love To Take Our Client Experiences To Another Level