Exclusive Invitation To Our Top Partners...

"Unique Super Profitable Opportunity to Partner with us on Our Referral Growth Summit Brand New Event"


Important Info:

I am excited to have you as a referral growth summit partner. As I explained above, it is important that we are all on the same page with what is happening and how being a partner works... Please make sure you have watched the video and read the info below.

Target Market: Coaches, Consultants, Professional Services, Service Providers

Event Goal:
 To showcase the Million Dollar Referral System and help attendances to build referral systems into their business.


During the Referral Growth Summit, we will be giving those in attendance an opportunity to be part of our programs. Please note this is not a pushy sales event. This is a value first and ask if they want help (which we have proven works best). So to keep full transparency here is what the offers are throughout the event, before and after.

Event Ticket: $47
During & After The Summit Offers:

  • Implementation Program: $2,000
  • Partnership Club: $24,000
  • 30 Day Referral Plan $497

Commissions For You:

I get that incentives don't drive everyone, but I also want to thank you for your time, effort and being part of the success of the summit. So here is an opportunity to add some more income to your business through a well run, value added event that your people will love. You will have your own unique url so we can track that person and everything they do before, during and after the summit. A person you bring into the summit is your person for the next 2 months. So if they do anything with us within 60 days we will credit that to you.

Breakdown of the commissions:

  • You will earn 100% of your $47 event ticket sales
  • You will earn 40% of your referrals' upgrades to the 30 day Referral Plan program ($198.80 commission per sale)
  • You will earn $200 of your referrals' upgrades to the Implementation Program
  • You will earn $1250 of your referrals upgrade to Partnership Club


We all love a bit of competition, but more importantly we want to really help those that help make the referral growth summit a big success. We have 3 prizes for the top 3 partners that will allow them to promote their services / products to our attendee's and networks. As when we promote anything and endorse it their is a revenue split, but it is a lot les than normal times.

#1 on the Leaderboard: 45 minute talk - sales allowed for a service up to $2k (service needs approval) This will be done as a standalone webinar and promoted out across all of our social networks (20,000+) also. (Only 20% revenue share instead of 50%)

#2 on the Leaderboard: 20 minute talk - sales allowed for a program up to $2k (program needs approval). This will be done after the event as a live stream across all of our socials (Only 20% revenue share instead of 50%)

‚Äč#3 On the Leaderboard: Free offer to our networks and all participants of a guide, template, tool to increase your email database. - no sales allowed but can send people to apply for a free consultation session

Next Summit Dates:

Summit Date:  February 17th, 2021
Promotion Period:  December 16th - February 17th, 2021
Prize Winners Announced:  February 18th, 2021

How You Can Promote:

It is really up to you how you would look to promote the summit and where you have your credibility with your networks.

We would appreciate a couple of emails out to your CRM as a minimum from a partner. We can provide you with copy for your social platforms, emails and conversations you'd like to have.

You can Click Here to see the summit event page.